Friday, 19 February 2010

Buying some new Rugby boots online

Hey - just been looking for some Rugby boots for my son. Believe it or not he has been ripped at school for wearing Rugby studs for football - you what!!!

Anyway I thought I'l upgrade my blogg with this item of buying Rugby boots

It can be tricky when buying a new pair of rugby boots online. The main reason for this is probably obvious, that you don't get to try them first before making the purchase. Although most marketplaces on the Internet do give the choice of returning the item, why not just avoid the hassle by getting it right off the bat. Here are a few things to consider when making your purchase.

Low cut boots, the most common?

High cut boots on professional players these days is a pretty rare thing to see. For the second row players, this is a great option. Superb ankle support is offered, which is critical for balance. But seeing how much added comfort the low cut boots give, a lot of second row players go this route. If you're playing in the tight five, high cut boots are definitely worth testing out. But just remember, they are much more bulky and really not ideal for backs.

Studs, and how many?

You need to consider mainly where you play most commonly and the conditions of weather when deciding how many studs you will get on your boots. Much like soccer, the more and the longer the studs are, the more efficient they are in wet weather conditions. That being said, the less and shorter the studs are the more efficient they are on the opposite dry conditions. Keep in mind you need a pair for both conditions, unless you want terrible support for your ankles and to be extremely uncomfortable if wearing the wrong pair.

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