Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Learning Rugby Union the early stages

At first glance, rugby can appear a confusing and complicated game. Many object to their family and friends becoming too engrossed in watching the sport on TV purely because they do not know enough about the game to follow play well enough. Look further into it and it becomes clear that rugby is an exciting and well structured sport which is a pleasure to watch. What initially appears to be a game that is quite random, actually its quite complex.
Ruby is currently played in over 120 countries and it is rich in tradition and community involvement. You often find that the skill is passed down through generations and families tend to be committed the sport throughout many years.
Children may start to play rugby through the non-contact version. This allows them to perfect their skills and knowledge of the game without the physical strain of the contact version. It is still important however that you ensure your child has adequate rugby protection even if they are playing the non-contact version of the game as it is still quite physically demanding and there is always the chance of injury if they are not protected. With children as young as six enjoying the game you will want to ensure they have the correct rugby protection.
When your child moves onto a senior rugby club they will begin to experience the camaraderie that distinguishes this sport from many others. Rugby truly is a team sport with every member of the team playing an important part with recognisable skill. By including your son or daughter in the sport of rugby you all helping them develop an important part of themselves through becoming part of a team. Many schools offer the opportunity to participate in the sport of rugby and as long as your child has adequate rugby protection, they will be allowed to participate.
While you can continue playing rugby well into your adult years, very few move on to become professional rugby players. You may find that it suits you best to become a coach or referee or even volunteer for a local school or club in order to carry on your passion for the sport.
If you take the time to watch a game of ruby and look beyond the seeming disorganisation of players in their rugby protection running around with the strangely shaped ball, you will find a sport that has a continuous flow and constant competition. It is very calculated and precise and takes a lot of skill. Points are scored throughout the game through carrying, passing, kicking and grounding the ball and the team scoring the most points becomes the victor.
So next time you are watching TV at the weekend and come across the sport of rugby, you may want to take a moment to watch and think about how it is a community sport that encourages commitment and team work. Beyond the rugby equipment and dirty uniforms lies a sport of history and values that add to our neighbourhoods and homes in a very positive way.
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