Sunday, 14 February 2010

Learning The Game

Most budding rugby players are introduced to the sport either at school or at a local rugby club. Tag rugby and touch rugby are the most popular forms of the game for children as they promote key skills such as passing, scoring, movement and tactical awareness while the rules do not permit full contact

Progression is important within rugby. Most players view the non-contact forms of the game as a stepping stone towards the 15-a-side full-contact version, but for those who enjoy the tag, touch or beach variations, there are competitions and leagues dedicated to fulfilling the needs of enthusiasts.

During the course of an 80-minute match, two sides of 15 players and six substitutes, officiated by a referee and two touch judges, try to outscore each other. The game lasts for two 40-minute halves on a grass pitch with an H-shaped goal post at each end.

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