Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bill Mclaren The voice of Rugby Union

Bill McLaren was the voice of rugby union for fifty years. In those fifty years, he commentated on some of the best players the world of rugby has ever seen: Gareth Edwards, Barry John, Phil Bennett, David Duckham, Andy Irvine, Serge Blanco, Ian Kirkpatrick, just to name a few. He started out in 1952 on the radio then when television picked up the game he was a natural to make the move over. His dulcet tones made the game very recognisable all over the world and he will be remembered for it for ever.

He had the knack to make the game look so easy, he had an unparalleled knowledge of the game and made the viewers feel comfortable in his commentaries. He never got over excited when his beloved Scotland won a game and even more so when his son in law actually played at scrum half for Scotland. As a former player, playing for his home town club, Hawick, he knew the game very well indeed and in fact he once had a trial for Scotland, but unfortunately he never made the team.

He was involved in the second world war and came through it unscathed, only for a few years later to be struck down with TB. A disease in those days that many people never recovered from. But luckily for Bill a new drug was found and he was one of the first people to be prescribed it and it saved his life. He has had his ups and downs in his family life, but had came through it.

Now happily retired, he undoubtedly the greatest rugby commentator of all time.


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