Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Great preparation for the Rugby Union 2011 World cup

With the 2011 Rugby World just over a year away, New Zealand is bracing itself for a bombardment of visitors from around the world.

As the number of projected visitors looking to far outstrip the available accommodation there is a great opportunity for home-owners to help solve the accommodation problem and make some great rental returns by renting out their own house or rooms to Rugby World cup visitors.

Here are some suggested steps for successful renting for both Home-owners and Visitors during the Rugby World Cup.

Home-owners and Visitors

After you have agreed on a price and rental duration I recommend that the bond (at least two weeks) and the full rental amount for the period, is deposited to a lawyer's trust account at least three months before the start of the tenancy. Basically the lawyer is acting in an escrow capacity.

That the full rent for the period is paid to the Home-owner only when the Visitor has arrived and taken occupation of the home.

The bond is repaid to the Visitor after a final inspection of the House.

That the above agreement in reflected in a contact that you both sign before the rental starts

Home Owners

I suggest that you ensure that your insurance covers you for any damage done by people legally on your property. This is usually simply a matter of informing your insurance company that for the period of the rental that the house is not owner occupied but is a tenanted house.


I suggest that you ensure that the person/people you are renting the house from are legally entitled to rent it, and that the house is in the location and the condition described.

The best way to ensure this is to contact a New Zealand lawyer who can do a property search, contact the owners and if necessary do a property inspection.

Stay In NZ, is a specially designed site to help Rugby World Cup Visitors find local accommodation. We also provide links to legal services to assist with transactions and other resources to help both world cup visitors and home owners enjoy their time during the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

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