Saturday, 20 March 2010

How to get Your Adrenaline Pumping with Rugby Sevens

Love Rugby? Wish you had more time to play, or even to watch your favourite players in action? It’s time to book your tickets for the Seven (7s) Rugby Festival at Bournemouth, UK. The Bournemouth Rugby tour brings together the best performing teams from the nation in a grand finale that surpasses any other Rugby Sevens event in the region.

Rugby Sevens is a growing phenomenon, and what began in early 1900s as a localized adaptation of the popular Rugby format, is now becoming one of the most acceptable ways to play this exciting game. In Rugby sevens speed is the key because everything is running against the clock. That’s why the Bournemouth Rugby tour has attracted so much attention in UK. Rugby fans looking for a thrilling time attended the Seven (7s) Rugby festival at Bournemouth and had such a fun time that they told everybody about the Bournemouth Rugby Tour.

The festival is held in May when the weather is suitable for a good, energetic game of Rugby. The teams who’ve performed well through the year meet to discover who will be the ultimate champion. Unlike a regular Rugby game, only seven players from the each time are allowed on the field and the game lasts from 7 to 10 minutes. This makes the Bournemouth Rugby tour an event chock-filled with quick delights. With one game happening after the other, you’ll never get a chance to settle down in the Seven (7s) Rugby festival.

The best thing about a Sevens tournament is that it doesn’t last very long. The Bournemouth Rugby Tour starts on a Friday and is done by Sunday. A tournament of regular Rugby matches would not end in a week. If you can’t make that kind of investment in Rugby anymore, it’s better to attend the Sevens (7s) Rugby Festival instead and have the same kind of Rugby fun in a lot less time.

The details of the Bournemouth Rugby tour are available on the Internet, and you can keep a tab on the teams that will be participating. Even the tickets to the Seven (7s) Rugby festival are available online and you can book them easily.

Another good thing about the Bournemouth Rugby Tour is that it will be alongside a Netball tournament and a music festival. This means that there’s ample opportunity for everyone in the family. If you are a Rugby fan, and your wife and children are not, you can still bring them along to participate in the music and Netball events while you take part in the Seven (7s) Rugby festival. This way everyone can have a great shared vacation.

Many Rugby fans believe that Sevens will be the dominating Rugby format in the years to come due to its instant results, and extra energy and that Seven (7s) Rugby festival will be held in more and more places. Others are afraid this will dilute the game of Rugby, the proponents say that it will contribute to keeping Rugby alive and healthy in the hearts of fans who are too busy with the pressures of job and life.

So if you’re one of these Rugby fans who wants to connect with the game, participate in the Bournemouth Rugby Tour for a complete weekend of nothing but pure Rugby.
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