Friday, 26 March 2010

How to wear the right Rugby Clothing

Rugby is a very popular and exciting sport, with many fans both young and old supporting their teams as they work their way through the rugby leagues. Of course, there is a lot of skill, training and dedication shown by rugby players, but one important aspect of the sport that cannot be forgotten is the clothing worn by those playing the game.

It is essential that rugby clothing is hardwearing and suitable for the sport; rugby can be a tough game on both the players and their apparel, and therefore products that aren't going to fall apart at the first scrimmage are essential. There are many well known names in the world of rugby clothing, but one that has a lot of bestselling lines is Kooga. Established in 1997, Kooga is a UK based company specialising in the design and creation of hard wearing and hardy rugby clothing.

Kooga may be UK based, but teams around the world can be seen sporting the Kooga logo. Australia's Queensland Reds, England's Huddersfield Giant's and Japan's Secom Rugguts are just three of the many teams that delight in wearing Kooga products.

However, it isn't just the more famous of rugby players that can afford to wear Kooga, definitely not! Many retailers around the world stock Kooga products at affordable prices, and for good reasons. As the brand is so well known, the items tend to sell well and there is a wide range available to suit most people looking to buy rugby clothing. As there is a junior range, this means even children and younger players are catered for.

Important items of clothing worn by players of sports such as rugby are baselayers. These are items of clothing that fit tightly to the body and are worn under the external clothing used in such sports. The purpose of a baselayer is to provide extra protection and warmth to a player, ensuring they can play at optimum performance. Baselayers can also draw sweat away from the body during play. Many well known brands produce them, and Kooga is no exception.

Kooga baselayers again come in both junior and adult ranges, which help to sell the product to a wide spectrum of customers. The products available in the Kooga baselayer range for rugby includes skin vests, shorts (also known as pants) and t shirts (with both long and short sleeves). It may be that short sleeved Kooga baselayers are worn in warmer conditions, to ensure players do not overheat during the game.

Kooga baselayers are only one item featured in their extensive rugby clothing range, but Kooga also produce sporting accessories for all manner of players; water bottles, aluminium studs for rugby boots, gym bags and shoe bags are all available displaying the Kooga logo. With this wide range of products, it is no wonder Kooga is very much a household name in the world of sports.

If you are looking to buy a Kooga baselayer, or, indeed, any other type of Kooga/sporting product, be sure to buy from a genuine, trustworthy retailers. If buying online, make sure the website is secure and, if in doubt, call the shop to ask.

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